Rural Estate Consultancy 

On large estates, the work is never done. We provide ongoing support as consultants, offering advice on the development of potential sites and the development of existing buildings. We prepare planning applications to maximise development potential. 


Pre-application submissions

Thinking about planning policy from day one is the best way to avoid costly changes later in the process. We can work with your technical team and architects (or co-ordinate a bespoke team for your project) to fine tune plans as they evolve. To give your application every chance of success, we can also consult with experts and local planning officers before formal planning application is made.



If a decision doesn’t go your way, all is not lost. we never shy away from a challenge. We will explore all the options, calling up upon the advice of a wide professional circle to amend your submission before taking your case to appeal. We can then fight your corner in every kind of appeal including written submissions, hearings, and Public Inquiries.


Development Plan Monitoring and Representation

Some clients use me to shape and influence emerging planning policy and its implication for the development of local land. As well as advising on the most effective strategy, we can handle submissions on your behalf and represent your views at public examinations. 


Site Appraisals

Rural planning procedures are long, complex and, at times, emotionally demanding. Before you jump in, get a qualified professional opinion about the potential of existing sites with reference to existing national and local policy.  


Planning Applications

A large part of our job is helping clients navigate the incredible complexity of the planning process with the minimum of fuss. We have overseen applications for every kind of project from barn conversions to large village extensions. We manage submission, handle negotiations and collect all the necessary documentation and supporting statements. For complex applications, We can put expertise in your corner by building a team of specialists with the perfect balance of skills for your job. Most important of all, we can call upon an established network of influential local contacts to make sure you have a voice throughout the process. 


Third Party Representations

Sometimes we work on the other side of the fence. When required, we can offer advice to clients objecting to planning proposals. We can also advise clients who are offering support to ongoing proposals.